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Practical PBL

The Castle sponsored "More than just a trendy acronym:  Practical PBL (Project-Based Learning)," led by Leah Henry at North Putnam Middle School in Spring 2023.


Leah is a veteran PBL facilitator and instructional coach who currently is a grade 9–12 history educator, curriculum writer, and education consultant. She has taught and/or coached in rural, suburban, and urban schools and in charter, parochial, and public schools in grades 7–12, with the bulk of her in-classroom PBL experience coming from working in an Expeditionary Learning school and a New Tech Network school. Leah worked with educators from all grade level and content areas as a school development coach for the New Tech Network for 6 years before returning to the classroom in 2018 to teach history at the high school she graduated from in rural Indiana. She has three young children and writes curriculum, leads PD, and consults for school districts and other learning organizations.

Check out highlights from the workshop!

leah_henry_project_based_learning_video_2 (720p)
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