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Every Little Bit Counts

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To donate to The Castle is to affirm our vision that learning is a joyful process of discovery, self-expression and collaboration. We believe that our community prospers when we partner with our public schools to nurture the hearts and minds of our children. 


The workshops we bring to partner schools are 100% free of cost to students and schools. By taking our programs directly to the schools, embedding them into the curriculum and the school day, we reach a maximum number of students, most importantly, those without the resources for or access to arts and project-based programs, which have been linked in a variety of ways to increased engagement and performance in school and beyond. Your contributions go directly toward the development, facilitation and implementation of high-quality, high-energy  workshops that that complement the curriculum and that celebrate multiple learning styles. Thank you so much for your financial support. We can’t do this without you!

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